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Howdy Everyone,

Just thought id say hi to y’all. In case no one knew. My name is Adam and im the owner/operator of this blog. Im a 23yr old country boy from Arizona and you would never know it was me that ran this blog if you saw me in person lol. Im just a sucker for romance. 

This is me…This was actually shot in the back of an ambulance while i was heading to a call. Im an EMT :) 

  • A little fun fact about my blog: The AD+JR drawing and the hearts in the title “COUNTRY LOVE & ROMANCE” are actually REAL drawings that my girlfriend drew in a letter she wrote me. My name is Adam and hers is Jenna! Those are her little heart drawings. I just took a picture of the hearts and the AD+JR with my phone and photoshopped them into the title. :D